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Perforated palletising film which allows products to breath.
Many palletised products are subject to build ups of condensation, mould, rust
There are also products that must not be allowed to overheat or need to be
cooled quickly. Many products need a free passage of air to keep them fresh. 
Traditional pallet wrapping film blocks the free passage of air, and many other
solutions are not strong enough to keep the pallet stable.

Now there is a new solution - KLIMAX-O2.
is an extremely strong, lightweight, and above all - high quality,
perforated palletising film for use on automatic and semi-automatic palletising
machines and for hand-wrapping devices.

Klimax-O2 is available in three different structures.
Manufactured with specifically designed new technology KLIMAX-O2
can be elongated up to 20% while keeping the same film width.

KLIMAX-O2 is sticky on the inside allowing it to adhere to the pallet, while
the outer side is smooth so that pallets will not cling to one another. This format
also means that KLIMAX-O2 can be used on machines that heat-seal or knot
the film at the end of the wrapping process and even those that have no end
sealing system such as hand rollers.

KLIMAX-O2 is exceptionally
economic - the ideal palletising solution for goods that need special handling: KLIMAX-O2

Extremely strong
Exceptionally economic
Stretches up to 20%
Exceptional resistance
Large hole size
Specially designed for automatic
semi-automatic and hand wrapping

Ask for your free sample roll of KLIMAX-O2 now and check the quality for yourself!
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P: +49 (0)8382 / 27737-0

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