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When reducing the curd particle size during manufacturing soft cheeses and
cheese spreads the traditional metal sieve tubes can cause problems.

Most known handling problems
During the production process the sieve mesh becomes blocked with the
residues of casein and other material. This means that the process has to be
stopped while the sieve is cleaned, or that a dual sieve system has to be used
so that when one is blocked the second sieve can be fed with the cheese.
Whatever system is used, cleaning the sieve is a time consuming process.
The hole size of a metal sieve is fixed and when a different grade of cheese is
required another expensive sieve system has to be fitted. Again production down
time is increased.

Quality problems
To make periodic controls for production and quality control with a metal filter
takes even longer as the metal sieve has to be dismantled. This reduces the
response time needed to ensure that the production process is running smoothly
and that a high quality is maintained for the product.

All of these problems can be resolved by using FTS, a serie of synthetic filters
and sieving products specially designed and manufactured for the dairy industry.
FTS sleeves or bags can be used either inside or outside of the metal sieve.
When the sieve starts to block up, changing the filter bag is the work of a few minutes, thus saving valuable production time.

At pre-determined periods FTS can be removed and replaced without causing machine downtime, so that the product can be checked, and any alterations made to operating temperature, cooking time, particle size, etc. more frequently. Changes to the type of cheese, adding different spices for example, can also be made much more quickly.

This means a quicker response time should there be any problems and results in a more consistent and economic production process.


FDA approved
Allows for a better quality product
Increases throughput
Reducing downtime
Allowing more frequent controls
Available in different mesh sizes
Available in PES, PA or PE
Different filament thicknesses available for each mesh size

Results in a more economic and consistent production

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